Our Programmes



  • Corporate Training/ Manpower Development programmes.

We provide training and workshops on courses of your choice right in our office or at your preferred location (based on agreement).We organize technical skills acquisition for organizations for the purpose of meeting up with our economy’s manpower development needs. We require a minimum of 10 participants. Our courses run from 2 – 24 weeks in which some of the programmes are divided into semester. The learning periods are also divided into sessions (morning, afternoon and evening). Locations include Bonny Island, Port Harcourt and other locations preferred by clients (based on agreement).


  • Morning sessions: 8-12p.m
  • Afternoon Sessions:1:00p.m-5:00p.m
  • Evening Sessions: 6:30p.m-9:00p.m

Training Methodology

Our training delivery is categorized into three phases:

  • Pre-training,
  • Training delivery
  • Post-training

Phase 1: Pre-training delivery

Need assessment is carried out at this stage to ascertain and contrast the capacity, ability and official functions of a target group. The skill gaps are identified in this process.

Phase 2: Training delivery

At this phase training is delivered utilizing an approach that is interactive,   friendly   and   needs   focused.   The   participants   are

Provided courseware while illustrations shall be based on factual data of the client where appropriate.  Also, our training delivery

Involves cases and exercises. We also apply psychological learning theories that utilize stimulus and Response to aid learning.

Our training materials are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy-Revised (2001).These are: Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and create.

Phase 3:Post-training

The assessment of the impact of the training on the participants is carried out to ascertain the value for money spent by the client after the training depending on the nature of the training.

  • Production/Sales of Food and Technological Items:

With the aid of our specialists and software development kits, we produce and sell mechatronic/Technological  systems. Mechatronic system which integrates Electronic, Digital Control, IT, Sensors and Actuators include examples such as Unmanned Air Vehicles, Robots, Automated Guided Vehicles, Internet operated Automated Gates. Other Technological Items include but not limited to: Power Electronics Systems, LED Dot matrix, LCD Displays, Real time operating systems, Wireless Control Systems etc.

We also produce food items such as beverages and snacks for events and occasions.

  • Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy services in the areas of Information and Communication Technology, Business Management, Organizational Re-engineering and Re-structuring,QualityAssurance/Quality Control,Engineering(Electrical/Electronic,PowerElectronics,Robotic systems, Automation Electronics, etc.) ,Research etc.

  • Building Services Contract

We engage competent and experienced professionals during any of our building services

works (Elecrical works, Civil Works, Mechanical works, etc.).Our Design and Construction

works are second to none. We ensure all work done is in accordance with standards and

applicable codes.


  • Professional Qualifications

We provide services for professional qualifications which are awarded by professional

bodies. These courses are run on Part-Time (Weekend, evenings) and Full-Time

basis. The courses on offer include but not limited to:

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

ICAN is a professional body in Nigeria that provides world class accountants; it has affiliations around the world.

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

A global professional body with headquarters in the United Kingdom with offices and members in over 170 Countries.

ACCA    is   the    world’s    most    recognized    international

Accountancy   qualification.   It   gives   access   to   local   and

International jobs.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

PMP is the most respected qualification in the field of project management. It is awarded by Project Management Institute

(PMI) in the United States of America. Candidates are assessed

  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

CISA is a global professional qualification that is awarded by Institute of Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) of United States of America.

  • Specialist Training Programmes

We also provide specialist training programmes on:

  • Graphics Designs.
  • Drafting Designs.
  • Computer appreciation.
  • Diploma in Computer Sciences/Technology.
  • Embedded System Programming.
  • Mechatronic System Specialist.
  • Software Developments.
  • Website Designs.